Canberra, Australia - March 10, 2020: Ground-level external view of the High Court of Australia building, characterised by a large, inscribed granite sign on the site
March 11, 2022  //  
by Felix Tang

True To Its Name, Right2Drive Wins A High Court Appeal Against IAG Car Insurance

If you’re involved in a car accident and you’re in the right, the law is now on your side.

Right2Drive has successfully won a High Court Appeal brought by one of Australia’s largest car insurers – IAG.

If you’re involved in a car accident and you’re in the right, the law is now on your side.
Thanks to Right2Drive’s successful outcome against IAG, motorists no longer need to “make do” in the interests of saving negligent drivers and their insurers money.

How did this case start and unfold?

Starting in April and then again in August of 2017, two unrelated customers contacted Right2Drive for accident replacement cars, due to car accidents that were not their fault. These customers both needed a temporary replacement vehicle while their vehicle was being repaired. One customer drove an Audi and the other customer drove a BMW. We searched the RIGHT2DRIVE fleet and provided these customers with the closest possible vehicle match to the ones that had been in an accident. Why? To minimise the inconvenience caused to these customers as a result of another party’s wrongdoing. As the insurer of both at fault parties, IAG refused to meet the costs of hire and maintained that our customers had no entitlement under Australian law to a comparable vehicle. Right2Drive commenced litigation against IAG to recover the costs of hire.
These two Right2Drive proceedings started in the small claims court of NSW and became the subjects of lengthy appeals through the NSW court hierarchy over a period of four years. These appeals were eventually pushed through to our country’s highest court – the High Court of Australia.

The High Court of Australia is presented with over 400 matters a year. Of these matters, only 11.8% are granted special leave to be heard.

In March of 2021, Right2Drive found itself to be part of this 11.8% and challenged IAG in the High Court. The four-year journey from the NSW small claims court to the High Court of Australia has been gruelling and costly, however, we never lost focus on why we pushed these two matters forward and why we would not cower to the demands and bullying tactics of IAG.

On 8 December 2021, after a four year battle against IAG, the High Court agreed with us that the two customers who were deprived of their Audi and BMW in 2017 should not have been inconvenienced any further as a result of another party’s wrongdoing.

The High Court of Australia found that these customers were entitled to hire a vehicle comparable to their own.

Right2Drive fought long and hard and we won.

The High Court unanimously agreed with Right2Drive and the appeals of IAG were dismissed. Right2Drive successfully contributed to a significant change on behalf of the Australian credit hire industry.

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