Our sustainability practices

sustainable automotive services


We're committed to sustainability

In every brand within our group, we believe in working toward sustainable practices in everything that we do. We are committed to operating ethically and sustainably and currently have several practices in place across each of our brands to ensure this. As our business grows, our commitment towards a sustainable future is more important than ever.

Energy Efficiency

Many of our locations are fitted with LED lights and automatic sensors to ensure when no one is on-site or in a particular meeting room, we’re using less energy. Our IT team sources the most efficient equipment from laptops and accessories to cables, to ensure our team can work efficiently while at the same time minimising the impact on the environment. As our business evolves, we are continuing to expand our energy efficiency programs.

Electric Fleet

We are introducing full electric vehicles to complement our existing hybrid fleet to further reduce our carbon footprint. We value the benefits of electric vehicles to the environment and are committed to the long term growth of our electric and hybrid fleet.


We have adopted a number of recycling practices across our business. Our corporate office locations utilise mixed and cardboard recycling, while our repair centres have a mix of the following practices in place such as; paper recycling skip bins, weekly metal recycling collection and chemical waste collections.

Paperless Brands

A number of our brands have moved from printed to digital forms and now operate as paperless businesses to minimise our impact on the environment. Utilising tablets and digital signatures to reduce paper usage.