About Movigo Group

What is Movigo Group?

Movigo Group is a fully Australian owned business, specialising in multiple industries, including accident management, accident replacement vehicles and subscription car ownership. Our business has a customer first mindset, with a focus on innovation and optimisation. We invest in the development of our people, as our success depends on our team being able to deliver for our customers.

We operate from over 20 locations, with staff across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the Philippines.

Movigo Group our vision

Our vision

For drivers across Australia and New Zealand to be confident that they will keep moving forward – on the road and in life – no matter what challenges may come before them.

Our mission

To provide high quality services supported by expert knowledge and know-how to ensure every individual on the road knows their rights and has access to the specialised services that will uphold them.

Movigo Group our mission
Movigo Group our values

Our values

The foundation of our business is our people. We treat every employee with the same level of respect and empathy. Our team is passionate and empowered to be creative, innovative, and able to deliver exceptional results for our customers, time and time again. Consistency is key in the way we treat each other every day and in how we deliver exceptional results for our customers at every step of their journey.


Working at Movigo Group

Working for Movigo Group means more than just having a job. To us, it means maintaining our personal integrity and delivering on our promises – if we say something, we do it. We’re passionately committed to improving lives and aspire to embody these values in everything we do.